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Top 20 Countries for USA travellers Comparison pricing

United States (calling within the USA)N/AN/AN/A$0.100$0.250N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
United Kingdom$1.49$2.00$0.05$1.49$2.00$0.06$0.50$2.00$0.12$15.00$2.05$0.15YES
Dominican Republic$1.79$3.00$0.25$1.79$3.00$0.27$0.50$3.00$0.11$15.00$2.05$1.72YES
People’s Republic of China (PRC)$3.59$3.00$0.32$3.59$3.00$0.31$0.50$3.00$0.26$15.00$2.05$0.44YES*
Costa Rica$2.69$3.00$0.12$2.69$3.00$0.14$0.50$3.00$0.46$15.00$2.05$2.12YES*

Key Notes

Home = Calling USA
* Please see the Local Number Registration Requirments
** Comparison with AT&T & Tmobile Standard Roaming Rates
*** No coverage listed
Text messaging Tmobile
Canada: $0.10 to send and receive
All other countries: $0.50 to send, $0.10 to receive
One Global Roaming Rates Quoted are the lowest from calling rates to land lines in the local country. Call to Mobile (Cellular) numbers maybe up to 10 cents more.
Prices may change please check the website for updated pricing.

Website links to AT&T & TMobile Standard Roaming Rates

AT&T Pay-per-use rates

Tmob Prepaid

Tmobile Data not included in Standard Prepaid

GO-Phone (AT&T Rates)

Short Codes

*101# - Check your phone numbers
*103# - Check your presentation number (CLIP)
*106*48222574040# - check a price to call a specified number
*108# - Check your balance
*109# - Check your lifetime
*110# - Check the recommended operator in your country

User Tips

  • Make sure your phone isn’t network locked.
  • Make sure you have entered the number using the correct format with the country code added – the correct format being +48 600600600.
  • If you have difficulty connecting, add # at the end of the number, e.g. +48 600600600 #
  • Check if you have enough credit (*108#) and whether it hasn’t expired (*109#)
  • Try changing the network manually, by selecting another operator.
  • It may also help if you remove the card, place it back and restart the phone.
  • If you are using a 3G phone, check if the GSM/3G ‘dual’ mode is selected.

User Key Questions

Does my SIM expire?

Only if you don’t pay the $5 monthly fee (which will add $1 of usage credit to your account).

How do I keep my SIM Card and Phone Number active?

Call customer care +1(855) 269-6699 and pay the $5 monthly fee (which will add $1 of usage credit to your account).

How to purchase more Usage Credits?

By going to:

How do I monitor my usage?

Go to: and login with your phone number (1xxxxxxxxxx) and default password: 1234

Is there a monthly fee?

Only if you want to keep your SIM Card and Phone Number active after initial 30 days by calling customer care +1(855) 269-6699 and pay the $5 monthly fee (which will add $1 of usage credit to your account), with your credit card.