El Líder Mundial Global SIM - Para viajeros!

Dramáticamente reducido las tarifas de itinerancia móvil con 362 redes en 206 países.

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What is special about the Route One Global Roaming market?

Business opportunityOne Global Roaming has a unique route to market. Our key focus is placed on maintaining a close relationship with all customers.

This is achieved through our innovative reseller program.

We build local teams of traders called DAI (Distributors of international communication). These are trained & managed by Master Distributors or VMSDs (Mobile Virtual Service Distributors).

First & Second Line Support is provided directly by these teams.

The business opportunity

From MAY 2016 oneglobalroaming will be expanding its teams licensed dealers in various parts of the world.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity please complete the contact form indicating your preferences.

What are the key criteria & benefits 1WorldSIM become a distributor?

  • Good people skills and a bit of hard work.
  • Different investment levels to suit most budgets.
  • Flexible work schedules to suit each individual circumstances.
  • Willingness to work only from home or a team activity.
  • A computer and access to previous internet.No telecommunications experience necessary.
  • Enter the exciting Global Travel Business Communication.
  • When traveling throughout your business can be managed on your mobile.
  • Several lucrative sources of income from multiple products & services.
  • Residual income accumulated on the basis of the total customer base.
  • Working in an industry recession-proof high growth.
  • There are no geographical limitations - Work as you travel!
  • The opportunity to build their own independent brand.
  • One Global Roaming not directly sell to new customers have to come to you!

No Obligation presentations Business Opportunity

We have limited spaces available in our next series of briefings to be held in major cities or in some cases on a one to one basis in your home or workplace.

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