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Dramatically Reduced Mobile Roaming Charges with 362 networks in 206 countries.

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About Us

The OneGlobalRoaming Platform project was born from the desire of its founders to break the barriers blocking a truly Global & Uniform Mobile Communication solution. After bringing together some of the world`s foremost Mobile Communication Visionaries,the partners have launched the World`s First Ubiquitous Mobile Overlay Network existing virtually within the splintered and inadequate existing mobile networks.

OneGlobalRoaming's Vision is to create a Truly Ubiquitous Mobile Roaming Product which can be competitive in local markets as well as in a Global Roaming scenario.

This have been achieved by putting the intelligence into OneGlobalRoaming's Roaming Platform`s Global Mobile Overlay Network with IGLR*

Combined with this would be a way of switching Mobile identity as you travel (RTMIS**) and the utilization of a new Global Number Range with a neutral identity (IMSI)

OneGlobalRoaming distributes its products and services exclusively via an innovative marketing model which emphasizes support of each individual customer by a local dealer who speaks the language of each user. Every OneGlobalRoaming customer has a personal account manager assigned and they are a permanent first line of support and ensure that every new user fully understand the product.

OneGlobalRoaming launches the "Personal Telephone Exchange" also called iPTX which is designed for small businesses and global travellers who wish to keep all their personal points of contact and numbers private and have one number to direct all calls at massive cost savings even when travelling. Using the OneGlobalRoaming Global Softphone it is even free to receive calls when on supported networks in 200+ Countries.

* Intelligent Global Location Registry. ** Real Time Multiple IMSI Switching.

  • The World`s First Independent Global Mobile Network
  • Deploying a Universal SIM with Global Coverage
  • Supporting Multiple local Numbers and One Global Number
  • Dedicated Mobile Feature Phones, Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Each device is built & designed to complement the SIM technology
  • Includes RTMIS ( Real time Multiple IMSI Switching)
  • Better coverage that any local SIM Card
  • Designed for Voice, Data, USSD, SMS & Signalling Applications
  • Universal, Uniform Services in One Global Account
  • Providing Globally Converged Services via a Virtual IPBX
  • Dramatically Reduced Mobile Roaming Charges
  • Agreement with 362 networks in 206 countries